About Mary Hinde

I trained at the Sir John Cass School of Art & Design in London, where I spent four happy years specialising in silversmithing and jewellery making. I also had the opportunity to develop my enamelling skills and stone setting.

I have always loved gems and semi-precious stones. They have a subtle but powerful energy which many people recognise, even subconsciously. I believe that we all have a 'favourite' - a stone whose energy, colour or vibrancy in some way interracts with our own. I am sure this is what makes you feel great when you wear your favourite stones. It is not necessarily diamonds that make you feel good. maybe your 'feelgood' stone is Amethyst or Jasper, but I am convinced we all have one.

Pearls are a special interest of mine too. Each one is unique. And best of all, the variety is increasing all the time thanks to innovations in sustainable pearl farming techniques. These innovations bring good quality pearls within reach for more people to enjoy them.

It is a joy to work with such beautiful natural materials.

I am a member of Cambridge Open Studios, The Guild of Essex Craftsmen & The ACJ.